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I love cats. I also like playing with polymer clay and attempting to draw.

So, these are questions I was given for… .     But decided to make a journal tag instead, because charact based tags are a lot of fun.  All these questions are based on friendship between characters.

Pick two characters who are friends and have each ask the following questions.

  I pick Teril and Jero.

How did you Meet?

Teril- A group of his kind was about to be eaten by a deranged venomous saber cat and Rainbow came to find me.  He was unconscious by the time we drove Beast away and despite their supposedly having been a group with him no one could be found and I didn't think we had time, so I took him back home and he had the luck to live.

Jero- We had some bad luck for a couple of years and our tribe was forced to send the food gatherer parties further than they like.  One of the team got attacked by Beast and while trying to distract him I got scratched.  Which isn't much fun, I passed out during an ensuing ruckus and woke up in Teril's home.

Did you become friends right away?  If not how long did it take?

Teril-  I have a pretty bad rep, so I rarely get along with people right away.  Not to mention he was feeling pretty crappy from the beasts venom and the antitoxin, which can put a saint in a bad mood.  And I don't much find it worthwhile to force my company on people who want me to stay back.  So, it took a little while to actually become friends.  Not saying he was bad company for too long. 

Jero-  To be honest, My tribe is pretty jaded against Teril's family, and anybody who isn't one of us.  If I had been in any shape to run I probably wouldn't be friends with him now.  In fact his family reputation is so bad it caused trouble when I returned home and they found out I had been with his tribe for a few weeks.   I ended up having to to return to his tribe awhile, and after those few months we got along pretty well. 

Any awkward moments when you first met?

Teril-  I'm not an open, hug when you meet guy by any means.  But shaking hands when you introduce yourself or a pat on the shoulder when you comfort someone is something I've learned.  When someone is telling you something important I was still under the impression you walk up and look at them to give full attention.  Jero's tribe has a strict personal space rule.  When we met, he was pretty stressed anyway so all this difference  wasn't helping. 

Jero- My tribe has a strict set of rules about conduct, it was pretty confusing at first. Only close friends or family intrude within arms length of a person or it can be considered a type of social challenge.  Sort of like a non verbal way of saying you're willing to fight them if they don't agree with you.  While the tribe  almost never resorts to violence  there can be social trouble challenging a superior without argument or reason or backing from others.  Putting your hands on someone is a whole new social rules and normally only done with close friends or family.  I had to get used to someone who didn't live by these rules.

Do you get along with their family?

Teril- Someone has to want to meet you to get along with them.  I've never seen a member of the forest ghost tribe, other than the scout guard, for more than a moment when I escort him to his borders.  Talking to any of them is as rare as it gets.

Jero- No, just . . . let's say Teril makes being the black sheep of a family a good thing. 

Do you get along with their other friends?  Any good or bad incidents?

Teril-  People trust Jero more than me.  So he can talk easier with more people than me.    We have a lot of mutual friends but he get's along with some who would rather I stay away.  I've been hit by projectiles too close to his tribes borders a few times.  I get along with the tribe neighboring his better after helping him.  And his tribes guard scout seems less difficult.  So it kind of evens out. 

Jero- Most of Teril's ACTUAL friends have been pretty welcoming to me.  His tribe welcomed me as well as anyone could wish.  Cicero accidently beat me up the first time I tried to play with him, but not out of any malice. 

How often are you welcome in their home?

Teril-  I'm not even allowed in his tribes territory.  Though he has no choice in that.

Jero- I actually live in his tribes keep at times.  I have a room in his house and in the main keep depending on the season. 

Do they ask for favors?  What kind?

Teril- He has a bad habit of looking for stuff.  I tend to go with him if it's in a bad area of the island.

Jero- I can move faster than him without riding Cicero, who's too big to easily move through some forest areas, so I sometimes play messenger or delivery.

How do you feel about helping them?

Teril- He helps me, I help him.  Plus, if he plans on going somewhere crazy I'd rather be there.

Jero- It's always better to stick together around here, so why not work with someone who's willing to fight Beast to help you. 

Have they ever done anything to really hurt your feelings?

Teril- Everybody has a bad day, and we've known each other a long time.   So, of course we've had harsh moments.  Sometimes people speak before they think so we have had some arguments that weren't very friendly.  I admit I usually started it.  Jero is pretty patient so the time or so he's gotten a low blow in an argument really hit hard.  Though once he realizes what he's done I think it can hit him just as bad.

Jero- Teril can get pretty protective, around here you can get in pretty dangerous situations and I don't like him doing things alone anymore than I want too.  It makes him blunt about pointing out your weak points when you argue with him about it.

Have they done anything to scare you?

Teril-  He get's in trouble a lot.   

Jero-  He has night terrors, it can be a harsh way to wake up.

What's the first, best and worst gifts they ever gave you?

Teril-  The first thing he ever gave me was spiders.  We have some with bodies the size of chickens around here and it's common to get them out of building in the keep.  Turns out his tribe eats them.  The best would be my staff.  Apparently him and his tribe's guard liberated it from some poachers.  The worst was this mushroom that tasted okay, but smelled awful until it was cooked.

Jero- The first was an amulet.  I guess that is the best, seeing as it has a charm that helps to understand non human, but intelligent, creatures.  The worse was this fermented beverage that tasted odd, but okay once mixed with juice, but wasn't worth it in the end.

What's the craziest thing you've done together?

Teril- Got time for a list.  This is a feral, dangerous island.  Getting food can be crazy.  You ever get chased by a 7 foot tall carnivorous bird because you won't turn over the bull sized boar you just killed?  Blind one with a flash of light and it screams and it's mate and half grown young tries to chase both of us into the river, and only one of can swim.

Jero- I wanted to check out an old building that was suppose to have some books, and it turned out to have been claimed by a guy that was a demon worshipping were-wolf.

Do you discuss important things?

Teril-  Jero is usually ready to listen and good and helping think through problems. 

Jero- Teril is a lot easier to talk to than my tribe.

Have you ever broke the law together?

Teril-  Law?  This is Tebrate, so while we may try to set rules I don't think we have laws.  We have on occasion gone to 'collect' something form others if that counts.  Though I think in a lawful society those others would be considered criminals.

Jero-  Does breaking into old building others have already claimed count?

Do they ever try to compete with you?

Teril- Jero tends to only get worked up in good natured games.  He's never really been one to try to provoke anything. 

Jero-  Teril likes to have a friendly game, but he's never gotten so bad to make a person feel bullied.

Can you always trust them?

Teril- He's always been willing to help when I really need him.  Even when he's been scared.

Jero- Well, he has proven I can trust him with my life. 

Are they always honest with you?

Teril- He's omitted things, especially when he's feeling upset and I ask him about it.  Lying outright, I don't think so.

Jero- He doesn't lie if he doesn't want me to know something, he just shuts up.

What do you consider their best qualities as a friend?

Teril-  He's patient, tolerant, loyal, and actually brave without being stupid. 

Jero- He's dedicated to his friends.  He'll go through hell and back to help someone.

Have you ever gotten drunk together?

Teril-  I seem to have an unnatural ability to stand a lot of alcohol.  Forest ghost, apparently shouldn't drink such things.  Seriously, I thought I might have poisoned him.

Jero- I only drank once, I'm not a masochist.

Have either of you looked after the other during illness?  If so how bad was it?

Teril-  I don't get sick to often, he has helped take care of me when I was injured and infection set in, including taking over with the merchant traders.  Which is a pretty big job.

Jero- Yes, starting with when we met.  He can be very protective when his friends are laid up.

Have they ever borrowed anything or vice versa?  Ever not returned anything?

Teril- We tend to give and trade goods a lot.  Usually it's edibles or medicine so it can't be returned. 

Jero- We give each other what the other needs.  We don't keep score on who gave more or less.

Have they ever introduced you to another friend?  How'd it go?

Teril- The tribe between our tribes like me better because I hang out with him.  And then Red and a few others.  Then Kalen his tribes scout guard, I have trouble knowing how that went, he's a bit wild.

Jero- He tends to introduce me to a lot of people.  Including his whole tribe.  Some better than others.

Have you ever done good deeds for others together?

Teril- We kind of had to help people a lot.

Jero- If one of us has to help someone we tend to lend a hand.

Have they ever forgotten your birthday?

Teril-  We don't celebrate birthdays.

Jero- I met him after all the important year milestones.

Have they ever taken you somewhere and left you?

Teril- No

Jero- No

Have they ever physically hurt you?

Teril- Their are accidents during practice, he's never done me any serious damage. 

Jero- I've come out of fighting practice a bit bruised, but he's never laid a hand on me out of anger if that's what you're asking. 

Have they ever blackmailed or threatened you?

Teril- No.

Jero- He threatened to lock me up in the keep once when he thought I was being reckless.

Have they done anything seriously wrong?

Teril-  If you ask his tribe, then yes, hanging out with me.

Jero-  According to my tribe, though they are rather paranoid.

Do they have any annoying habits?

Teril-  He can get a bit hyper.  And he can ask a lot of questions. 

Jero- He stops talking and starts making animal noises when he's annoyed. 

Do they call you by a nickname?

Teril- He sometimes calls me brother.

Jero- When we're working in the woods and he's trying to be encouraging he calls me Tree Runner.

So :iconarmanie-zacharias: got even for me tagging her. 

1) You must post these rules 
2) Share 10 facts about yourself 
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for people you tag 
4) Choose 10 people and put 10 icons in their journal
5) Not something like, "You are tagged if you read that". 
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.    
7) No tag-backs. 
8) You can't say that you don't do tags. 
9) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

10 Facts about me

1.  I'm a dedicated single for life.
2.  I own two cat's a turtle and an insane rat.  (she can't be touched without assuming the hand is food)
3.  I'm terrified of red wasps and yellow jackets.
4.  I love polymer clay
5.  I will bribe my cat off my lap before I will force her to move so I can get up.
6.  I am rather obsessed with saber cats
7.  I still have my first baby blanket
8.  I use Menthol crystals to make my own pain relief sprays, soaks and creams.
9.  I love anchovy pizza
10.I own a petrified bat.  It was my birthday present form my younger brother.

Armanie's Questions:
1. What is your favorite genre of music?
That's hard to say.  Even my playlist is rather random.  I guess I'd have to say country.

2. What's the coldest weather you've ever been in?
In winter I sometimes have to walk in the teens or 20s F.

3. What's the greatest prank you've ever done on someone or had done to you?
I handed a bunch of shells from a collection to my aunt one at a time before handing her a live hermit crab.

4. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite gender's appearance? (or same gender if you're into your own gender.)
How well they understand personal space.

5. How many characters do you have?  (I have 74....)
A little hard to answer.  Probably well over a hundred if you count main, side, backstory, creatures and races.

6. What time of the day are you most productive? (as in like homework, cleaning or other tasks)
Morning.  Which is when I work too.  It's why things pile up until my day off.

7. What's your favorite subject/class in school/college?
English and literature.

8. What's your favorite type of potato to eat? (french fries, baked potato, scalloped potatoes, etc)
Stuff baked potatoes.  Though it's hard to go wrong with most potatoes. 

9. What character of mine would you like to see more art of?  (don't worry about all of the characters that I have yet to draw and stuff, just the ones that you know of.  ;) (Wink) )
Armanie and Ly.  I'd also like to see more of their mom.  And a picture of their dad burnt.  Plus I want to see the water creatures.

10. Do you wanna snuggle up to my arctic fox pelt?  *holds it out showing off it's magnificent fluffiness*
I'd rather snuggle with a kitty honestly.  They warm and purry and may even snuggle back.

My Questions

1.  Do you have any pets?
2. What's you're favorite cake? 
3.  What's your favorite video game?
4.  What's the most expensive meal you've ever eaten?
5.  What would your dream pet be?
6.  Is there any food you would really like to try?
7.  Do you prefer hot tea or cold tea?
8.  Do you prefer I-pod or Mp3? (huge debate in our family)
9.  Do you prefer to read traditional book or electronic books?
10.What do you think of this
Untitled by 1tiptip1

I tag

:iconmekonekoanime1:    :icontim-jones-party-dude:    :iconkitty-bot:    :iconjourneyhorse:    :iconabbysol:    

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Tagged by :iconjourneyhorse:

~1~ Choose one (or more) of your own characters (OC).
~2~ Make them answer the following questions.
~3~  Then tag 3 or more people... 
~4~ Feel free to add some questions of your own.



Teril by 1tiptip1

Jero`s adventure by Aerophoinix


What gender are you?

Teril-Guy, if it's not obvious

What is your age?

Teril-Older than you'd think
Jero-By human standards, let's just say I'm young.


Do you want a hug?

Keenan-Here, hug her instead (hands his familiar  Magdala over)
Eloria-As  long as it's just a 'we're just friends' hug
Teril- No
Jero- No thank you. (holds up hands and steps back)


Do you have any bad habits?

Keenan- Eloria say's I'm too protective
Eloria- picking my nails (hides her hands behind her back)
Teril- Getting into my friend's business, so I'm told.
Jero- Ask my tribe, I seem to have a lot of them


What is your job, if you have one?

Keenan-I Hunt for food for myself or  payment
Eloria-I work as a bard or cook if I need extra money.
Teril- Tebrate don't use money, I just do what I need for my tribe.
Jero- I gather food for my tribe, or Teril's.  Whichever I'm staying at.


What is your favorite food?

Keenan- Cheese
Eloria- I like pastries and sweets
Teril- Anything cooked in hot pepper sauce and honey.
Jero- Spiders, they get pretty big on Tebrate.


Are you a virgin?

Keenan- Just for the sake of assuming you aren't being crass and have a reason for asking something so obviously personal, my kind don't look for mate's until we're at least 300 
Eloria- If I ever hope to return home without a husband in tow, I better be.
Teril- Are you trying to scope out sacrifices or something.
Jero- Isn't that a bit personal?


Have you killed anyone?

Keenan- Do violent criminals count?
Eloria- No
Teril- If they caused me to need to.
Jero- Let's just say I try not to and leave it at that.


Do you hate anyone?

Keenan- I'm not fond of my cousin, but if he calmed down I could still forgive him.  My dad, I could do without for good.
Eloria- Keenan's mother Valeria, I never met such a controlling, entitled, delusional b. . . woman. 
Teril- How much time do you have?
Jero- I try not to hate, as hard as it is.  I could make an exception for the Beast.


Do you have any secrets?

Keenan- I'm SUPPOSE to be a chosen king by a dragon god prophesy.  I don't believe it.
Eloria- Does being engaged to someone and running away count.
Teril- You have no idea.
Jero- Doesn't everybody


What is your favorite season?

Keenan- Summer
Eloria- Spring
Teril- Any time there isn't a ton of ice and snow.
Jero- All of them except winter. 


Who is your best friend(s)?

Keenan- Magdala and Eloria
Eloria- Keenan and Magdala and Dusky.
Teril- Jero, Razor, Brimstone, Steajj, Cicero.
Jero- Teril, Snowblind. Red, Steajj to name a few.


What are your hobbies?

Keenan- Reading, trying to challenge Magdala in games.
Eloria- Singing, reading cook books. 
Teril- Riding
Jero- Looking for books in the library in the keep I can read.


Are you nice or mean?

Keenan- I'll be nice if you aren't mean.
Eloria- Nice
Teril- That really depends
Jero- Nice, I hope.


Are you social or shy?

Keenan- If you don't mind me I prefer to be social
Eloria- Social, very social
Teril- Neither
Jero- Depends, are you social?


What do you think of your parents?

Keenan- Try not to think of them
Eloria- Haven't seen them in a long time.  Hope to change that some day. 
Teril- Evil incarnate and a traitorous  whore.  What else is there to say.
Jero- Don't remember, seriously.


What's your weakness?

Keenan- Whatever doesn't burn
Eloria- My need for glasses.
Teril- Family history.
Jero- I don't like water, or winter.


What do you do on a regular day basis?

Keenan- Hunt, travel.
Eloria- I travel, sing, cook. 
Teril- Search for supplies, prevent fights, end fight one way or another.
Jero- Gather supplies.  Try to keep Teril from getting into fights.


Do you love someone? How about romantically?

Keenan- No.
Eloria- Not yet.
Teril- Hardly.
Jero- Despite what she says, NO!


Do you want offspring, in the future?

Keenan- Maybe way down the line.  A little soon to make up my mind.
Eloria- Someday, when I find the right man.
Teril- Not a good idea, unless I adopt.
Jero- I don't think that'll happen.



Keenan- Been experimenting with herbs, have we?
Eloria- Do you need to lay down, can I get you anything.
Teril- (picks up staff) Is someone here?
Jero- Do you need to confess something?


When was the last time you cried?

Keenan- When I was really tired and made the mistake of thinking about home.
Eloria- At the end of the night after playing sad ballads.
Teril- Why do people ask that!
Jero- Whenever I make the mistake of talking to most of my tribes elders.


 Are you crazy?

Keenan- Compared to my family, no.
Eloria- Everybody should just assume everyone is crazy besides them. 
Teril- Somewhat.
Jero- People think so.  (Teril: No he isn't)


 If you were a superhero, you'd be...?

Keenan- I can control fire and turn into a black dragon, why would I pretend to be someone else when I could use what I have.
Eloria- I love ballads and stories.  I could pretend to be in them all day.
Teril- Someone who can kill necromantic monsters for good, You know of one?
Jero- (laughs uncomfortable) I don't really listen to stories like those anymore.

I tag:
I attempted this contest last year and everything went up in flames and it got pushed aside.  Really sorry about that.  Doing much creative writing was a little hard while staying at my Mom's house in a storage room.  Then I had to still go to work while fighting with an insurance company.  Then at home there was  preventing Mitzu, Mewlie, and Gizmo from meeting each other face to face.  I'm telling you, nothing gives writers block like utter disaster.  Now that I'm in my own space with my desk I decided to reopen the contest, and up the prizes a bit. 
Untitled by 1tiptip1
Basically read my story Island of Tebrate, and draw an illustration of any scene you want.  Traditional, digital, or whatever your forte is, it doesn't matter.  Winners ill be 
 fought over voted on by me and a group of friends and family with a wide range of taste so nobody should be shy about style and choice of medium.

  Chapter 1…
Chapter 2…
Chapter 3…

1st place  700 points

2nd place 500 points

3rd place  400 points        (If anyone prefers I can give the equivalent in paypal)



Contest entry - Jasmine meets Nap by Aerophoinix   by :iconaerophoinix:

Links to some of the character designs…

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