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I've been tagged by  ,or more precisely, by aerophoinix's character Ezo the Alb Prince.…  

I've seen this a lot on other peoples journals but never been tagged myself.  So let's see how I do.

List ten things about you (One of your characters can take your place if you've been tagged before or don't want to answer yourself)

Answer the posted ten questions

Tag ten others to post ten things about themselves and asked them ten questions.

Ten things about me.

1.      I'm a crazy cat lady in training.

2.      Machines and technology like to glitch so bad with me that at times I feel technology has a sentience and hates me.              Either that or I carry a computer virus aura. 

3.      I'm a huge fan of Elder Scroll and Fallout Xbox games.

4.      I like to make my own Lotions, muscle rubs and scent my own soaps.

5.      Despite some people thinking they are B movies I love the Tremors and most of the Puppet Master movies.

6.     I believe in ghost/supernatural phenomena  but I'm it doesn't scared me.

7.     My friends think I make the best pumpkin bread.  Even when I give them the recipe and share all details they tend to be unable to make it as well.  This scares me a little.

8.      I like flavored teas, especially rose peppermint.

9.       I think cats are smarter that most humans credit them.  (They lay on both books/papers and my computer.  They                 obviously know one replaces the other.) 

10.    I think cloaks and robes should come back in style.

Ezo´s 10 questions

1.) My feathers are suit me don´t they?
A:    I think feathers are one of natures most cleverest ideas.

2.) Do you prefer Albs or Gaians (aka Earthen creaturs vs demon-like?)
A:    I think all different creatures are needed to keep things interesting.  I try not to pick a preference over races and species as a whole. I prefer to judge on a person by person basis.

3.) Can you run 5 miles?
A:   I can walk it but not run it.

4.) Can you run them faster than me?
A:    I highly doubt it.

5.) Would you rather been born as a different creature? (fantasy included)
A:    I do have reoccurring dreams where I either turn into  a wild cat or I have wings and talons.

6.) Any food you would really like to try?
A:    I would like to try alligator meat.

7.) Have you ever visited another continent than your birthland?
A:    No, afraid I've only rarely been out of the state I was born in.

8.) Can you legally drink alcohol yet?
A:    Yes, I like pomegranate wine and chocolate cherry sodas  (chocolate cake vodka and cherry rum in soda pop)

9.) If female, would you like to go on a date with this charming gentleman?
A:   As a crazy cat lady in training all relationships must remain platonic.  The kitties come first.

10.) Any Favorite number combinations?
A:    400   It's the time I usually get off work.

Here's the ten people I seem to be required to tag.  Sorry if you've been tagged before or hate these things. 
Here's the ten questions for you or your character if you choose not to ignore me.

As I said, technology hates me and I can never get peoples icons to go in place of links.…


1    Do you like cats?

2    Is there any tv show that makes you just want to scream

3    If you could shapeshift into any creature what would it be.

4    What's the worst thing you've ever eaten?

5    If you could have any pet (real or imaginary) what would it be?

6    If you could visit any videogame world which would it be?

7    Have you ever had to use algebra outside of school?

8    What would be your dream vacation?

9    What do you think is the most annoying prank ever pulled on you was?

10    Do you think these cats are cute?…
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