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I love cats. I also like playing with polymer clay and attempting to draw.

At the start of November I will be looking to start commissioning for several pictures. 

Me and my brother have been talking about getting pictures of different scenes from various ideas done.  We were talking about the old fantasy illustrations is books that were always done in black and white and thought it would be cool to see some of our ideas like that.    We thought we'd see if we could find some people and try to get some done each month. 

As the list is big and we plan on having them done over a long period of time I'm willing to look at commissioning more than one person.  If anyone thinks they might be interested let me know in the comments or a note.  Give me an idea of your style and price and we'll see if we can work something out.

In the meantime I'll be working on putting together some scene exerpts and character refs for the scenes we are looking for.


I will try to commission refs of my human characters so as to have something for people to work with.  Some creatures you may have to go off my own sketches and descriptions which are not always so great.

An idea of what I'm looking for

-Mostly Black and white.  I will be looking for some colored but a lot I will be looking for black and white. 
-Digital or Traditional. 
 -Different characters types- Animal, human, monster/demons.  Not all of these in all the pictures.  Just an idea in general
-Different levels of background for scenes.  Some I'm willing to go backgroundless on, some it will be important.
- Sci-fi and fantasy
-Some have high level Violence and gore.  Not all.  Just some.  Off the bat I want one of a guy being struck by a giant snake, a scene of a cult with severed body parts and a scene of someone stuck in a bear trap.  I know                         a lot of people are uncomfortable with violence or can only do it if they are in the mood. I'm not going to judge on someone's willingness to do or not do violence when it comes to picking someone to do a non-                            violent scene. I have no problem with commissioning the lighter toned pictures from people who refuse to do violence. 
-Tarot card and badge design.

Stolen from

:iconlorilunacy:  Because, why not?


• The first 20 people that comment on this journal will be featured below and I'll choose three deviations I like most from their gallery! 
• If you comment, you must do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and three pieces of my art on the first place. 
• The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

relaxing by loriLUNACYSlaying the Basilisk by loriLUNACYSkyrim = life by loriLUNACY

2.  :iconagataczerw:

Basket of happiness by AgataCzerwWelcome again by AgataCzerw
Boredom by AgataCzerw

3. :iconifeelfreelikeabird:
AP: Vinci by IFeelFreeLikeABirdUltra Awesome Title Here by IFeelFreeLikeABird

C: Kazeera by IFeelFreeLikeABird









:iconjourneyhorse:  demanded I do this. 

Want to ship one of my characters with yours? Go for it.  Give me your ideas for hypothetical relationships.

Down below is a list of (Almost) ALL my characters and their relationship status', in the comments below preach to me which pony of mine you want to ship with yours.

I put links to extra info next to the characters and character meme links at the bottom.  If you don't see a character you know about in the list feel free to ship them anyway.  Feel free to ask anything you like, I love discussing characters.

Karmen Theomon- Single- with illegitimate offspring here and there. (I already know a couple of people who ship him)
Terilhar -Single.  Not dating, not hard core against it, but dead set against having a biological child.
Kaleb- Single.
Kazeera-Engaged to Val
Atchad- with a winged mare Albatross Female
Val   -Actually engaged to Kazeera      (Longest Oc Meme Ever)
Trayman Wilefman- Waitress Carolyn.
Harold Wilefman- Single
Lane Wilefman- Single
Tailath-  The 'Bride' of a demon, and mother of his children. 
Jero -Not currently with anyone.  (Get's dangerously hit on by Tara a lot though) Jero 101 Questions About Your Character
Keegan- Single.
Eloria-  Single, though has a few options if ever interested.

Here's some info memes

Oc MemeI was tagged by :iconarmanie-zacharias:  who must know how much I love these character tags.
1. Pick one or many of your OCs
2. Fill in the question/statements as if you were that OC.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they have been tagged with a link from your journal.

I decided to try something new and filled this one out with all baddies.  Some worse than others.  Mainly poachers, dealers and cultist.
Trayman, Harold, and Lane- The trio siblings who officially work as exotic animal traders and safari hunters.  Trade in illegal smuggling and poaching on the black market as well.  

Karmen-  I very cunning and dangerous warlock.

Tailath-  A witch who used to be a noble lady back on the Island of Tebrate. 

Raybarn-  A once cocky and
Character friendship Tag  
Pick two characters who are friends and have each answer the following questions regarding the other.  I pick Kenaan and Eloria

How did you Meet?
Eloria-      I was at a cabin for a pre-marriage isolation, something my tribe does, and during a winter storm I heard a commotion and went out to see what was happening.  I was having trouble because my glasses were fogging and I was having trouble seeing.  Suddenly this little animal shows up freaking out and I follow it and I find Keenan stumbling around so out of it he was nearly hallucinating.  Because I couldn't see,  he had actually collapsed on me before I realized he wasn't exactly human. 
Keegan-   I was flying during an ice storm.  Don't say anything, I already know it wasn't a smart move.  I somehow angered some forest dwelling
Tagged again. I love these character ones.Tagged by 
What's your name?
Teril:           Terilhar.  Though I usually Just go by Teril.
Jero:            Jero.
Jasmine:     Jasmine Gefan.
Drycen:     Drycen Allihome.
Kaleb:      Kaleb.
Do you like it?
Teril:    It's ok.  Even if I was named after a less than desirable person.
Jero:    Of course.  What's not to like.
Jasmine:    It would offend my Grandmother if I didn't.
Drycen:    Yes, my mother's family are very careful with the naming of children.  I couldn't possibly dislike it.
Kaleb:        It is what it is. 
Have any enemies?
Teril:        Yes, everybody on Tebrate who hated my mo
Character friendship TagSo, these are questions I was given for .     But decided to make a journal tag instead, because charact based tags are a lot of fun.  All these questions are based on friendship between characters.

Pick two characters who are friends and have each ask the following questions.

  I pick Teril and Jero.
How did you Meet?
Teril- A group of his kind was about to be eaten by a deranged venomous saber cat and Rainbow came to find me.  He was unconscious by the time we drove Beast away and despite their supposedly having been a group with him no one could be found and I didn't think we had time, so I took him back home and he had the luck to live.
Jero- We had some bad luck for
Tagged So :iconarmanie-zacharias: got even for me tagging her. 
1) You must post these rules 
2) Share 10 facts about yourself 
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for people you tag 
4) Choose 10 people and put 10 icons in their journal
5) Not something like, "You are tagged if you read that". 
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.    
7) No tag-backs. 
8) You can't say that you don't do tags. 
9) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.
10 Facts about me
1.  I'm a dedicated single for life.
2.  I own two cat's a turtle and an insane rat.  (she can't be touched without assuming the hand is food)
3.  I'm terrified of red wasps and yellow jackets.
4.  I love polymer clay
5.  I will bribe my cat off my lap before I will force her to move so I can get up.
6.  I am rather obsessed with saber cats
7.  I sti
Character Interview  
Tagged by :iconjourneyhorse:

~1~ Choose one (or more) of your own characters (OC).

~2~ Make them answer the following questions.

~3~  Then tag 3 or more people... 

~4~ Feel free to add some questions of your own.



I was tagged by :iconarmanie-zacharias:  who must know how much I love these character tags.

1. Pick one or many of your OCs
2. Fill in the question/statements as if you were that OC.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they have been tagged with a link from your journal.

I decided to try something new and filled this one out with all baddies.  Some worse than others.  Mainly poachers, dealers and cultist.

Trayman, Harold, and Lane- The trio siblings who officially work as exotic animal traders and safari hunters.  Trade in illegal smuggling and poaching on the black market as well.  

Trayman Wilefman

Trayman Wilefman.  Boss
Brown, short cut.
Lean but buff.  Neat trimmed beard and mustache
Cane with heavy silver bird in flight for handle.  Sliver feather decoration down side and blade built in.
Lamb and Wild rice stew.
Carving wood and stones
Horse racing
His hunting animals and cane
Horse back riding and falconry
His siblings and Carolyn
Horses and Raptors
Any legal office
One of three siblings who make there fortune in both legal and illegal exotic animal trade.Trayman is the Oldest Wilefman sibling and the head of there Exoctic animal trade buisness.  Though he has many underlings he
Harold Wilefman

Harold Wilefman
5' 10"
Black, straight held back with pony tail and bandana
Over Thin, scraggly.  Nose crooked from being broken to much
Crooked nose.  Scar on right eyebrow
Bull whip,  crossbow, bull hook, knife and metal tipped club.
Sausages and Chili
Hanging out in Pubs and bars and helping other likeminded people
Animal fights and brawling
His family
His dogs
Foggy and drizzly
Mint Tea
Any paperwork
'Frilly' restaurant and bars
One of three siblings who make there fortune in both legal and illegal exotic animal trade.
Harold is the 'black sheep' of his siblings.  He atte
Lane Wilefman

Lane Wilefman
5'  4"
Long, straight and black.  Usually kept in a ponytail braid
Scar on left temple.  Three prong hook for right hand
Bull whip.  Machete, Shield
Mint and Melon vodka drinks
Training hunting dogs and leather crafting
Getting drunk and watching saloon dancers
Her brothers
The Bad Romance Saloon
The Music Palace (fancy ball room and music hall)
Loosing her Brothers
One of three siblings who make there fortune in both legal and illegal exotic animal trade.
Lane handles the training of hunting animals.  She breeds, buys and trains dogs for every imaginable purpose.  She tends to ha

Karmen-  I very cunning and dangerous warlock.
Karmen Theomon

Human warlock
6. 3"        
Long, wavy Coal Black with silver highlights at temple
Tall, strong built man.  Aquiline nose
How does character Dress
Normal attire is dark clothing.  During his 'work' wears a ceremonial Red gray and yellow ceremonial collared coat and pants.
The most remarkable mark is his utter lack of scarring after everything from brutal combat and even being burned alive.
He has ceremonial blades and talismans he uses in his 'work'
His hard to replace Talismans
Permanent death
Karmen is a powerful wizard who some believe to older than the Island.  At one time he was a follower of Beast Master Roken before the warlock/scientists  brutal 'murder'  Not wishing to stick around and worship

Tailath-  A witch who used to be a noble lady back on the Island of Tebrate. 

 5' 11      
 Luxurious blond
Style (Elegant Shabby)                    
 A beautiful noble lady who looks at if she takes very good care of herself.  Never seems to age (despite being very, very old)
How does character Dress
She usually wears dresses of fancy cloth in nice, yet easy to move in design
She secretly carries a small blade and a pouch of special herbs that she can use to debilitate someone
Tailath was once one of the richest Noble Woman on Tebrate.  Her fa

Raybarn-  A once cocky and some may say lovable guy who liked to make his vast fortune  poaching from Tebrate until he was scarred for life and became a sour and rather cruel person.
Lifechanger by Aerophoinix
Jechura-  A drug and vice dealer who has a entourage of slaves and followers to gather his ingredients and sell his merchandise.
No picture yet.

Hilton-  A warrior who is cursed after making a deal with a earth demon to become a great heroine.
No picture yet

1. What is your name?

Trayman-  Trayman Wilefman XI.  Though the employees tend to call me Boss.

Harold-  Harold Wilfman, though I have a few other names.

Lane-  Lane Wilefman.  A lot of people just call me Dog lady.

Karmen-  Karmen Theomon.

Tailath-  Tailath. 

Raybarn-  Raybarn Tamerlane.

Jechura-  Jechura.

Hilton-  Hilton Wayman.  Though most call me the golem monster now.

2. Do you know why you are named that?

Trayman- The oldest son of my family has gotten this name for more than a few generations. 

Harold-  I was named after my uncle.

Lane-  Named after my mother. 

Karmen-  How I got the name doesn't matter.  As long as the right people remember it.

Tailath-  I was named after an old nanny of my mothers.

Raybarn-  My mother liked the name.

Jechura-  I named myself that, because I liked the sound.

Hilton-    It's the name my parents gave me.

3. Are you single or taken?

Trayman-  I'm currently courting the lovely Carolyn.

Harold-  Single, don't need some woman being overly clingy.

Lane-  Single.  I think my brothers intimidate the men who are interested.  For the best, I don't need some wimp.

Karmen-  Single.  I find relationships to be hindering. 

Tailath-  Taken.  And my . . . groom . . .  isn't one to take infidelity lightly.  So don't get any ideas.

Raybarn-  What do you think.  I haven't had a date in years!

Jechura-  I usually have one girl or another hanging around the base.  Always on the lookout for a new one.

Hilton-  Single.  I have a fiancé but can't go home.

4. Have any abilities or powers?

Trayman-  Does grand business skill count.  If not I also have a uncanny ability to judge the best horses.

Harold-  What stupid question is that.  Skill counts, not some fancy power.

Lane-  As much as I get accused of animal telepathy, no.

Karmen-  Of course.  If you would like a demonstration I think you would make and acceptable horse.

Tailath-  Well, yes.  I am quite talented in the secret arts.  I can see distances far away and summon creatures.  I could go on but we would be here all day.

Raybarn-  I have some of my families witch hunting tools.  Including some that negate all that fancy power.

Jechura-  No, but I can sell you something to make you feel like you do.

Hilton-  I can summon earth based golem creatures, but sometimes have no control.

5. Stop being a Mary Sue.

Trayman-  I assure you, I have no Idea what you are talking about.

Harold-  (slaps interviewer  in the back of the head)  Stop wasting my time!

Lane-  I have a horse named Mary and a dog named Sue.  You can meet Sue if you want to start causing trouble. 

Karmen-  What are you babbling about?

Tailath-  I have no clue what you are insinutating.

Raybarn-  What the %&@# are you talking about. 

Jechura-  Have you been sampling my product?

Hilton-  I'm not Mary Sue, I don't even know who she is.

6. What's your eye color?

Trayman-  Hazel, me and my siblings inherited it from our dad.

Harold-  Hazel, never trust a guy who can't make eye contact.

Lane-  Afraid to look a girl in the face.  Hazel.

Karmen-  Silver.

Tailath-  Baby Blue, it runs in my family.

Raybarn-  Blue.

Jechura-  Brown.

Hilton-  Gray.  Used to be green before my deal with Bijou.

7. How about hair color?

Trayman-  Brown.  Take after my mom in that respect.

Harold-  Black, in case you're blind.

Lane-  Coal black.  I like to keep it in a pony tail, though the pups sometimes try to grab it before they learn manners.

Karmen-  Black, with silver highlights. 

Tailath-  Baby blond, like my eyes it's rather hereditary.

Raybarn-  Blondish Brown.

Jechura-  I like to keep my hair shaved too short to matter, but if you must know, blond.

Hilton-  Black.

8. Have any family members?

Trayman- Yes!  I have my two siblings Lane and Harold.  We also have wonderful parents and a menagerie of extended relatives. 

Harold-  Families pretty big.  Mostly hang out with my brother Trayman and sister Lane.

Lane-  Besides my siblings Harold and Trayman?  Have a huge family.  The reunions have to rent out at least three hotels to keep them all from having to crowd rooms.

Karmen-  I don't go for this family brainwashing.  Just because someone shares your genes doesn't mean you should feel some requirement of affection for them.  All it means is perhaps they have inherited some of your magical skills.

Tailath-  I have some cousins and grand nieces and nephews and so forth.  I have nothing to do with them.  Then there is my offspring.  Also my son . . .  who I haven't seen in years . . .

Raybarn-  Haven't seen them in years.  But a few cousins and such should be left.

Jechura-  I have a few spawn around somewhere. 

Hilton-  Had a large family on the farm back home.  I'm not allowed to see the until I pay back that fricken Demoness though.

9. How about pets?

Trayman-  I keep many raptors, ferrets and horses for hunting.  I admit my favorite are my falcon Dreeston and my horse Harrison.

Harold-  I don't really keep pets, just livestock.  I am fond of old Dust-up (dog) though.  And Lanes dogs are pretty smart.

Lane-  I have many.  You can never have enough dogs.  They each have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to work.  And if you train them well they double as such loyal companions.  Some are better tan others, but I've never met a dog that had no use.

Karmen-  Such a frivolous idea.  Animals have their places.  They are meant to serve a purpose.  But so many let them run roughshod over their lives while talking about how lovable they are.  If a horse doesn't work, a dog doesn't guard or a song bird doesn't sing then they are food or sacrifices.

Tailath-  I am very fond of little birds.  They are quite entertaining.  I have many other creatures that are no quite what you call pets.  I also occasionally feed strays. 

Raybarn-  I usually have a few dogs.  Had some bad luck and seem to need to get new ones more and more often.

Jechura-  Yep, got a whole lab full of little creatures that help me with my products. 

Hilton-  I can sometimes make a animal golem that lasts awhile . . .

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.

Trayman-  People who like to shout and holler about animal rights when a person is just trying to make a living. 

Harold-  Anyone who tries to get in the way of my brother's business. 

Lane-  People who keep dumping there unwanted dogs outside my kennel.  I would have more respect if you would explain why you don't want them than if you tie them to the fence and run.  I really hate that slop diner owner who came to ask if I had any unwanted dogs . . .  And the guard who fined me for letting Sue chase the diner owner.

Karmen-  I'm not to fond of people who get in my way. 

Tailath-  I tend to not get along with other 'gifted' people.   Admittedly, it's because we all tend to have our own goals.  Allehome is such a charity minded busybody.  Karmen better not ever let me see him again. 

Raybarn-  Forest Ghost.  Little short bastards on that #%&$ Island.  Never know what they can do.  Made the mistake of thinking they were harmless, timid things.  Now I lost most of my face and Lane lost her hand. 

Jechura-  The guard.  They should just mind there own business.  If they really want me to quit 'poisoning society' then they could give me a place to legally ply my trade and people who don't like it could stay out. 

Hilton-  Dragons.  I hate those retched things.  You can't trust them.  The only good dragon is a dead one. 

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

Trayman-  I love horse back riding,  I also like to carve wood and stone sculptures.

Harold-  I like hunting vermin for the animal pits in the 'exclusive' bars.

Lane-  Training dogs.  I sometimes have some of the town people help me train some of the otherwise unwanted dogs to help them in their work.

Karmen-  I like to research new specimens for my experiments.

Tailath-  I admit, that I like to shop and go to quiet tea houses.

Raybarn-  Used to like to go to the resorts.  Now I spend time in research.

Jechura-  I like to hang around my girls and exclusive clients.

Hilton-  Usually trying to find someone to teach me about the dark arts who isn't insane.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?

Trayman-  My work has caused me to get into a few fights with extremist.  Usually Harold handles them and scares them away, but took my cane to a few heads before.

Harold-  Yeah, anyone who screws with my family.

Lane-  I've run into problems, especially when going on hunts to the Island.  Usually the dogs scare away trouble, but I've been in a few scuffles.  Including loosing my hand to a forest ghost and his puma.  Wish we could have caught them.  That would have been a training challenge.

Karmen-  Would you like a list.

Tailath-  I was part of a secret war among magic users.  Many things happened.  Some I'll defend and some I'm not proud of.

Raybarn-  I tend to have to knock heads together more and more lately.  Seems anyplace I'm welcome now has all kinds of people who start trouble.

Jechura-  Do you not realize what I do for a  living? 

Hilton-  Yes, I tend to loose control of my golems and all the morons who don't get out of the way get hurt.

13. Ever... killed anyone before?

Trayman-  I try to avoid that, but when it can't be helped I usually leave that up to the experts.

Harold-  Sometimes it must be done.  Either to protect my family or to help a connection.

Lane-  I try to avoid that, but we've had a few incidences where we've been attacked during hunts.  Sometimes the attackers have escaped and been found later.  One guy clearly died from bleeding out from bite wounds.

Karmen-  Yes, of course. 

Tailath-  I believe that falls into the same answer as your last question.

Raybarn-  Try to not go that far.  But when people have friends coming I don't tend to stick around to see if they're unconscious or dead.

Jechura-  Seriously, guess, I'll give you a free sample if you can guess right.

Hilton- Yes, I've left quite a trail of bodies in some towns.  

14. What kind of animal are you?

Trayman-  I'm human.

Harold-  I'm obviously not an animal you moron!

Lane-  I'm a dog.  These are my children. Just joking.  Though from what I've seen on that Island that's not such an odd question. 

Karmen-  I am not an animal.  If you insist on such odd questions you can be though.

Tailath-  I am not an animal, despite what my offspring may look like.


Jechura-  Seriously, are you hallucinating?  Are you sampling my merchandise without permission?

Hilton-  I'm a human who's been infused with a lot of earth magic.

15. Name your worst habits.

Trayman-  I have a weakness for the tracks.

Harold-  I like to go to the bars and watch the animal sports and pick a few brawls with sore losers in the betting section.

Lane-  I sometimes imbibe a little too much at the saloon.  And disobey leash laws.

Karmen-  I sometimes choose to ignore the difference between displays and the gift shop in a museum.

Tailath-  Watching people without their knowledge.

Raybarn-  Being nosy aren't we?  (takes several gulps from a whiskey bottle)

Jechura-  I sir, do not partake of bad habits.  I sell them.

Hilton-  Hunting people who didn't commit any official crimes.

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

Trayman-  Yes, my family.  My parents started the basis of our business to take care of the family, my sister is always wanting to help others and my brother can be rather extreme, but he does it to protect his family.

Harold-  Yeah, my brother and sister.

Lane-  Yes, Trayman. 

Karmen-  I don't go around fawning over people.

Tailath-  Yes, my son.  He may completely hate me, but he does stand up for what he believes.  Even if he's being far to idealistic.

Raybarn-  Arianwen and Lane.  Wish I could see things so fantasized again.

Jechura-  No, not really.

Hilton-  My fiancé, who I hope to return too some day.

17. Are you gay, straight or bisexual?

Trayman-  Straight and taken.

Harold-  Straight.  What's it to you anyway.

Lane-  Straight.  Though I'm not interested in you regardless.

Karmen-  What a rather odd interest in peoples lives you have. 

Tailath-  Straight. 

Raybarn-  Straight. 

Jechura-  Straight.  Though I can find you some company despite your preference,

Hilton-  Straight, though I can't go back to my fiancé anyway.

18. Do you go to school?

Trayman-  I am a business school graduate.

Harold-  No, that place was a pain so I left long ago.

Lane-  No, I finished school and went to work in the family business.

Karmen-  Not since the university had a display on ancient artifacts.

Tailath-  I consider life a constant school.

Raybarn-  I really don't think they have much to mean me at some fancy university.

Jechura-  Went to university and learned about medicine and chemistry long ago. 

Hilton-  No.

19. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?

Trayman- Of course.

Harold-  Not really,

Lane-  Maybe if I can find the right guy.

Karmen-  Offspring are for spreading your own genes.  Nothing more.

Tailath-  Already have a groom and offspring and a son.

Raybarn-  Would have been nice.

Jechura-  No old hag is going to tie me down.

Hilton-  I really hope so.

20. Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?

Trayman-  I have more than a few associates who admire my skill with a falcon and a horse.

Harold-  No.  Thankfully.  They'd be in the way.

Lane-  Ugh, I have a few . . . adoring fans.  I think it's the tough woman with rich family idea going to their heads.

Karmen- I do have many who come to me for knowledge. 

Tailath-  I have followers, not fans.

Raybarn-  Used to.  Those were the days.

Jechura-  My business has Many fans.

Hilton-  No.  But it was my dream Waaaah! 

21. What are you most afraid of?

Trayman-  Things in the company not running smoothly.  In my business all it takes is a little going wrong for it all to collapse.

Harold-  The 'wrong' people showing up.  I don't think the others realize just what could go wrong.

Lane-  I worry about my friends and family asking for to much trouble.  They can get obsessed at times.

Karmen- I'm not to fond of the idea of the after life. 

Tailath-  I worry about my son.  And I worry about people wanting to anger his father.

Raybarn-  You'd have to see my nightmares to understand.

Jechura-  Jail.  They send criminals of my level to the worst place.

Hilton-  Not fulfilling my deal in time.

22. What do you usually wear?

Trayman-  My red suit.

Harold-  Whatever suits the work.

Lane-  My dark coat and boots.

Karmen-  What ever suits the situation.

Tailath-  Usually a nice but simple dress.  Though I've dressed for the occasion before.

Raybarn-  Whatever.  Usually my regular cloths, As long as I have my hat.

Jechura-  Whatever looks good on me for the day.

Hilton-  Usually simple cloths and a traveling robe.

23. What's one food that tempts you?

Trayman-  Lamb Stew.  They make the best at the The Music Palace Dining Hall.

Harold-  Sausages and Chili.  None of that fancy stuff.

Lane-  Fruit Salads.  The fresher the better.

Karmen-  I like to try fresh exotic meat dishes.

Tailath-  I like a chicken glazed with pepper honey sauce.  Or fish fried in olive oil after being dipped in tea leafs.

Raybarn-  Surf  and turf.

Jechura-  Pizza.

Hilton-  I like a good steak with sauce on it.  And potatoes with cream and cheese.

24. Am I annoying to you?

Trayman-  Not really.

Harold-  You need to be hit again to make it obvious.

Lane-  No.  I think the dogs like you.

Karmen-  I can't decide between a boar or a horse.

Tailath-  Not really.

Raybarn-  Depends.  You buying the next bottle?

Jechura-  When you annoy me, You'll know.

Hilton-  Kind of.

25. Well, it's still not over!

Trayman-  Well, okay then.

Harold-  (Punches up beside the head)

Lane-  Alright.

Karmen-  I'm thinking a boar for sure.

Tailath-  You are like a child.  Much like my son when he was little.

Raybarn-  BARTENDER!

Jechura-  You better buy something before this is over.

Hilton-  The kind of it turning into a yes.

26. What class are you (low/middle/high)?

Trayman-  High class lad.

Harold-  My families High class.  I stick to what's sensible though.

Lane-  Technically high.  I prefer to skip the parties and fancy establishments for more comfortable places.

Karmen-  I can move into whatever class I need  to.

Tailath-  I was once as high class as you can get without being royalty.

Raybarn-  Way lower than what I was before I ran into that little bastard!  That's for sure!

Jechura-  Whatever class I want to be.

Hilton-  I'm farmer stock.  Hope to move higher someday.

27. How many friends do you have?

Trayman-  Many friends.  Both personal and business.

Harold-  None of your business.

Lane-  Do dogs count?  I have a few good friends.  Even if they are rather glum, like Rayburn.

Karmen-  Friendship is a childish concept. 

Tailath-  Not many.  My line of work makes you need to keep too much distance.

Raybarn-  Not sure what counts as a friend anymore.  Maybe Lane and Arianwen, at least they didn't ditch me when my face looked like a broken urn.

Jechura-  How ever many I need.

Hilton-  None.

28. What are your thoughts on pie?

Trayman-  Carolyn makes the best seasonal pies.

Harold-  Don't eat the meat pies in the cheap taverns, unless they say what is in them.  It's usually made out of the loser of the animal fights.

Lane-  Apple with cheese melted on top.

Karmen-  I think a boar meat and mushroom pie sounds good.

Tailath-  The tea shops have some very nice ones with cream cheese.

Raybarn-  I can recommend a few places to go to get some, and some you should avoid.

Jechura-  I've used them to hide merchandise during a sell.

Hilton-  Mom made the best peach pie.

29. Favorite drink?

Trayman-  Coffee.  Cream and sugar with a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Harold-  Rum.  Not the watered down crap either.

Lane-  Mint and Melon vodka drinks.

Karmen-  I like to experiment with my own concoctions.

Tailath-  A good herbal tea.

Raybarn-  Whatever is strong.

Jechura-  Moonshine.

Hilton-  Milk.

30. What's your favorite place?

Trayman-  The Music Palace.  It has the best dining and entertainment. 

Harold-  The dock district.

Lane-  The Bad Romance Saloon.  Simple and entertaining without a lot of to-do.

Karmen-  Picking one place can be problematic.  I find having an open mind works much better.

Tailath-  I like the shop district near the bay when I'm feeling social.  Though returning to my workshop is always nice.

Raybarn-  Used to be I had the pick of where to go.  Now I just frequent wherever the cheap food and drink is.  Gotta save my funds for equipment.

Jechura-  Where ever the action is.

Hilton-  I would love to quit traveling long enough to have a favorite place again.

31. Are you interested in anyone?

Trayman-  Yes, Carolyn, who I've mentioned.

Harold-  No.

Lane-  Not seriously.

Karmen-  For what purpose?  I could think of some interest for several people.

Tailath-  I'm taken, remember.

Raybarn-  What's it to you?

Jechura-  I have a few prospects for the week. 

Hilton-  My fiancé.

32. That was a stupid question…

Trayman-  Repetitive, but not necessarily stupid.

Harold-  Yup.

Lane-  Not really, just nosy.

Karmen-  Not a very solid question.

Tailath-  You are a curious person.

Raybarn-  Not arguing with you there.

Jechura-  Question are only stupid if they don't lead to business. 

Hilton-  Okay.

33. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

Trayman-  A lake.  Salt water is not as pleasant.

Harold-  Neither if I have a choice.  Swimming is something I do when I have to.

Lane-  They both have good points.  it really depends on where you're at.

Karmen-  Depends on what I'm looking for.

Tailath-  A calm lake.

Raybarn-  Used to go to the beach a lot.

Jechura-  I prefer a pool.

Hilton-  I miss the lake at my family farm.

34. What's your type?

Trayman-  Carolyn.

Harold-  What are you on about this time?

Lane-  Braver than my brothers.

Karmen-  For what?

Tailath-  As I said.  I'm already taken.

Raybarn-  Doesn't matter.

Jechura-  Gullible.

Hilton-  My fiancé.

35. Any fetishes?

Trayman-  That is a crude question.

Harold-  (hit's interviewer up beside the head)

Lane-  That is the worst pick up line ever.

Karmen-  I think you would make a good boar.

Tailath-  The sexual or magical kind?  Answer carefully.

Raybarn-  No, go away.  (Hides talisman)

Jechura-  Why yes.  I really like :censored: 

Hilton-  No.

36. Camping or outdoors?

Trayman-  Camping and outdoors are part of the job.

Harold- I leave that to my sibling as much as possible.  But I've gone on a long hunt time to time. 

Lane-  I love camping.  It's one of the best parts of the job.

Karmen-  I was after someone once.  It made it easy when he went camping in the middle of nowhere.

Tailath-  I love the outdoors, but I prefer sleeping in a cabin instead of a tent.

Raybarn-  You know technically outdoors and camping go hand in hand.  At least real camping. 

Jechura-  I prefer a nice room with a view.

Hilton-  I camp every night just about.  When you've caused as much destruction as I have you aren't welcome in many places.

I tag :icondrake-roost:   :iconjourneyhorse:  :iconredthegamr:

Stolen from  :iconjourneyhorse:

I edited this because of all the Fandom questions that I would have been unqualified to answer

Ask any of my OCs anything from this list (feel to totally interrogate themEVIL Laughter! )
just put the number down and the name of an OC next to it
If  you know of an OC not shown, go ahead and ask about them as well.

1: What is your OC's gender identity?
2: What is your OC's romantic/sexual orientation?
3: What is your OC's hair colour?
4: How old is your OC?
5: Where was your character born?
6: What foods does your character normally eat?
7: Where does your character live?
8: What is your OC's fighting style, if any? Are they a rogue, a warrior, a mage?
9: Do you think you'd get along with your OC if you met them? Why or why not?
10: If you have more than one OC, would your OCs get along or would they clash? Why?
11: Who are the five most important people in the world to your OC?
12: What is your OC's relationship status? If they are in a relationship, who are they with?
13: List three of your OC's strengths.
14: List three of your OC's weaknesses.
15: If your OC came upon a demon that took the form of your OC's biggest fear, what would they see or experience?
16: What is your OC's clothing style? Do they have a specific colour palette that they tend to dress in?
17: What is your OC's eye colour?
18: Is your OC employed? If so, what is their job? If not, why not?
19: Give a brief description (or a long one!) of your OC's backstory.
20: Why did you choose your OC's name? Describe the process.
21: What is your OC's favourite colour?
22: Who is you OC's greatest enemy?
23: Is your OC an introvert or an extrovert?
24: What temperament is your OC; choleric, melancholic, sanguine or phlegmatic?
25: List three ways you and your OC are similar.
26: List three differences between you and your OC.
27: What moral alignment is your OC?
28: Is there anyone your OC would die for?
29: What's one of the most embarrassing things to happen to the OC?
30: What is your characters kryptonite?
31: What race/species is your OC (human, elf, vampire, etc)?
32: Which of the seven sins (lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, pride, envy, wrath) is your OC most guilty of?
33: Which of the seven virtues (chastity, charity, diligence, humility, kindness, patience, justice) does your OC most embody?
Post a number with the oc in the comments 

Also, if you want to ask your own question feel free.  I love answering questions about my characters.

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